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These instructions apply to NEW USERS ONLY

To access the NICC, you'll need a USERNAME (un) and a PASSWORD (pwd). Your request should be either advanced to the NICC administrators by using the form below or sponsored by your local PAO.


New users whishing to be issued with a NICC account need to be sponsored by their local PAO. If you don't know or you are uncertain whether your name was sponsored or not, please fill the form below and, after that, proceed with the registration (or click here). Conversely, if you know your name to be already in the allowed NICC's users, please skip the form request and proceed with the user registration as explained in "Registration: How-to in seven steps" further on this page (or click here).




Registration: How-to in seven steps.

The following steps are all you need to successfully obtain your NICC credentials. Before starting the procedure, be aware that in some NATO Commands, security websites-filtering policies are enforced. Due to its commercial hosting, the NICC website could be filtered totally or partially. If you experience any problem, get in touch with the admins using >this form<.

 We suggest to print the following seven steps so that it will be easier for you to follow the procedure.


1. Open the login popup

Click on the "Login button" at
upper right corner.
The Login Pop-up opens: locate
the "Sign up" text
and go to step 2.



2. Initiate the request

Click on the "Sign up" link:
the NICC registration
form opens.
Go to step 3.


 user login form 2

 3. Fill in the data

The user information request forms opens.
Fill in your data and before clicking
on "Sign up", be sure to check the box before the "I'm not a robot"

Captcha Security image. Once your form has
been submitted, you're ready for step 4.

IMPORTANT: if the screen reloads
(e.g. no further system responses) a. your
email is
probably already in the system and
have been already created for
you by administrators - OR - b. you didn't check the Captcha Security!

To solve a. get in touch with us (click here) or retrieve
un & pwd using "Forgot login?" link
of "Sign up" at step 2.

 sign up

4. System response

As soon as the "Sign up" button is clicked,
system confirms your account creation.
Go to step 5.

NOTICE: your accout needs to be confirmed!


 5. Confirm your email

The NICC sends you an email to the address
you've entered at step 3.
To confirm your email, you only have
to click the link in the email as shown
in the picture.
You're now ready for step 5.

WARNING: if no NICC email is received,
it is probable that your email system moved
it in the 
SPAM FOLDER. Please have a look in
junk/spam folders!



 6. System confirms

after clicking on the link, your
web browser opens on the NICC
page and shows the confirmation
message. Now your registration is in
the system and needs to be validated
as explained in step 7.


 7. Admin confirmation email

As soon as the NICC's admin validates
your account, you will receive the final
email: you're now officially a NICC user!
Login by clicking on the "Login" button
(see #2) and enter your brand new
username and password, click "Log in"
and you are done.

Only after step 7. you will be able to login on the NICC. Also note that no notification is sent to admins if step 5. is not completed!

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